2015 is just 3 months away!!!

Start preparing our promotional material early with a calendar. As people keep track of dates, when they glance at your calendar, they will remember you. You gave them a gift to begin the new year.

The Calendar comes in two formats: single page and book form.

Single Page:

12 x 18 inches, cardstock with drilled on top, perfect for handing on any wall.

Book Form:

8.5 x 11 Landscape 6 spreads. Perfect to send a specific message for each month.

The is made for durable glossy text paper. to hope up to pen and markers to circle important dates.

To your right, scroll to view samples of single page calendars.

Calendar Samples

  • Goodwin

  • 9-Copies-Sharejoy2013

  • Destine_1

  • Destine_2

  • Francois

  • GOAArmies

  • uDave-01


  • LittleDrops-01

  • StFluer

  • Tate

  • TG

Book Form Calendar Samples


Calendar Unfolded

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