What is the affiliate program?
The affiliate program is the partnership of D&T Designs and another company who provides services in conjunction with our services; where we provide a specific they need to give provide their own clients with better service.

Example One

A Print Company provides design serves, however they do not offer web design service.

Example Two

A company does only printing, however they do not offer graphic design, now they can via third party, by the affiliate program.


The Affiliate Program is geared towards businesses It is similar to networking, but it differs in that we work for the partners client, however the that client remains the client, which is based on customer loyalty. The Affiliation is only meant to meet a need where necessary.

The Key Benefits of the Program


Imagine never having to turn a customer away. Increase to range of service you provide for your business.


Your remain in business because you are reliable and trustworthy. You will be working along side a company with those same principles.


Most customers rather come to you already for the service you provide. Why not give them more satisfaction by providing other services.

Current Members of the Program
Cambridge Biomedical
Deinte Fine Jewelry
Light of the World Newspaper
Walk on Water
Sacred Farms

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